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Defence budgets are under pressure nowadays. Ministries of Defence worldwide  are more careful in spending than ever before. The “need to have” has replaced the “nice to have”. And even, the “need to have” has become “need to have for a longer period”.  Also the way of operating has changed from large standing armies into a highly mobile (either by air, sea or land) expeditionary approach. The known opponent is now not known, often not recognizable and hiding in the crowd.

Many companies are dedicated to supporting military operations, with excellent equipment or logistic services. There are many more that want to support but that might not have the right toolset to do so. 

In the changed environment  it gets more and more difficult to access the (defence) market.  Knowledge about organization, procedures, the procurement process and how operational requirements become an RFQ is required to be successful in that market. And that is exactly what JSCP-Services can help with.

JSCP Services provides the following services aimed specifically at the defence market by detaching independent professionals:  

  • sales and sales support activities;
  • business development;
  • training (project related);
  • system integration and - implementation;
  • project management (international and multidisciplinary)
  • setting to work;
  • site surveys (including in crisis areas);

These services can be provided in the domestic Netherlands environment or internationally, including in risk-areas, where flexibility and adaptability are prerequisites for good results. The good and sound understanding of how military organizations around the world work, put JSCP Services is an ideal position to support others providing  the right solutions.

JSCP Services aims at enterprising companies, that appreciate professionalism, quality, pragmatism and that put the customer at the centre of their efforts. JSCP Services brings a good analytical view on the issues at hand, always looking for the solution that is in line with the KISS principle.

In case a larger effort is required, the wide and strong national and international network JSCP-Services can address will allow for scaling up quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


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